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 Products - Liquid Bottling Line


GT Series paster filling machine
PLC control, touch screen operating, postion pump filling Model GT-2 GT-4 GT-6 GT-8 Filling product Semi-Liquid; paste Filling nozzles 2 4 6 8 Ideal fill...
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3 in 1 bottle washing, filling and capping machine
  Summary: Washer, Filler and Capper 3 in 1 Machine is mainly used in the beverage filling operations.  The three functions of washing, filling and capping are compos...
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BF2000A automatic bottle washing, filling and capping line
Summarize: The line is composed of bottle filling and sealing, used for plastic bottle, glass bottle. It can fill mineral water, super water, fruit juice, health drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine and so on. It is ideal line for food and drink factories. Model &a...
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CP-30 semi-automatic washing machine
Summarize:The washer is semi automatic equipment for washing glass bottle. It is widely used in beer, wine, juice, soy source, vinegar and products like that. It is especially suitable for drink factories in middle or small sizes. The washer needs man-feed , but other jobs are done by the machine a...
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BF2000 liquid filling capping and label shrink line
Summarize: The line is composed of bottle filling and sealing, used for plastic bottle, glass bottle. It can fill mineral water, super water, fruit juice, health drink, soy...
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JGS-980/JGS-880 muti-purpose locking and capping machine
Summarize:JGS series multi-purpose locking and capping machine is suitable to theft-proof locking/capping revolving shell, turning cap and embossing in various kinds of glass, plastic, porcelain and polyester bottles. Specification Model JGS-980 JGS-880 P...
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GCG semi-automatic paste filler
Summarize: ◆Filling precision can up to ±1% ◆Easy to adjust filling volume ◆Easy to operate,easy to maintain ◆Adopt pneumatic and high quality elements ◆With manual and semi-automatic operation ◆Easy to dismantle and install,easy to clean Model GCG-BL GCG-BL/2...
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GC semi-automatic liquid filling machine
Summarize: ◆Filling precision can up to ±1% ◆Easy to adjust filling volume ◆Easy to operate,easy to maintain ◆Adopt pneumatic and high quality elements ◆With manual and semi-automatic operation ◆Easy to dismantle and install,easy to clean Model GC-BL GC-BL/2 ...
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ZY series liquid filling machine
PLC control, touch screen operating, piston pump filling Model ZY-2 ZY-4 ZY-6 ZY8 Filling product Liquid; water Filling nozzles 2 4 6 8 Ideal filling ...
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QGF-100 automatic barreled douche machine

Summary: This automatic production line series is 

the same with producing of three-five gallon barrelage drinking water. 

It has same structure and be easy in use.  The ...

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DFC-5L automatic filling and capping machine
Summary u DFC 5L filling and capping machine is a 2 in 1 equipment which is special  designed for big volume bottle from 3 litre upto 5 litre u Omron PLC&nb...
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water chiller
Specification: Model QLB-10FC Capacity 1000L/H inside temp of chilled water From25℃to5℃ working pressure 25800Kcal/H Power 10HP
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drink mixer
Summarize:QHS-1500 drink mixer is made with the newest technology introduced from Japan. It is in the leading position comparing with similar products in china. The mixer is mainly suitable for mixing process of all kinds of carbonic acid drink. Specification Model QHS-1500 ...
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BF2000B carbonated drink bottle filling and capping machine

Summary:The filler is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing 

the former one and our customers’ suggestion.  It is mainly used for filling carbonic acid dri...

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